Friday, January 08, 2010

After a few minutes in the office one of my co-workers asked me to go home. Apparently the coughing sounds I was making were freaking him out. So I complied.

Assymetrical forehead wrinkles.

I stopped on the way home to visit with Mark and Sandy and pick up a bag of grapefruit and lemons. I am going to make lemon curd, perhaps tonight, since I do feel mostly normal. It was nice to sit and talk to a couple of adults about adult things- so different than the conversations I have with my mother.

Rachel Maddow used a video clip from my friend Jim's blog on her show last night. It featured Scott Lively, one of the three Americans who stirred up the shit that was distilled into the "Kill Gays" legislation in Uganda. His lectures in that country last March included the tidbit that gay people were behind the Rwandan massacres in 1994. He also claims that the leaders of the Nazi party were all homos.

I am way behind on murdering people this week. I admit to having some bad thoughts about an elderly driver on Monday or Tuesday, but because I was sick I did not hack them apart with a machete. I also forgot to round up my usual batch of fundamentalist Christians to send to the lesbian-run concentration camp outside of Tucson. I hope that I don't get a demerit for that.

Honestly, I realize that some homo-haters like Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown are in it for the money, but now I realize that some people, like Scott "Deadly" Lively are into it because they are absolutely, positively awesomely fucking insane. He would have made an excellent judge back in the old Salem Witch Trial days, dontcha think?

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