Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Another wasted day spent battling a cold. Nose is raw, my body aches from lying in bed, my typing skills are minimal (must be the anti-histamines). Maybe tomorrow it will be done and I can be a productive member of society rather than a lump.

I have been talking with my mother about how she needs to walk more and get exercise. She does not want to, would rather sit and read or knit. If I don't take her to the grocery store or library, she doesn't get much walking in. After a couple of days, it is visibly apparent that she is struggling. I bring this up and she admits it, she just wants to be lazy. "Do you also want to be in a wheel chair?" I ask. She is silent.

It is hard seeing Mummy getting old and frail, and refusing to do a few things to improve the quality of her life. I hope if I live as long as her, that I won't be so stubborn.

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