Monday, January 04, 2010

So stir crazy. I was looking forward to going to work this morning because I've been at home too long with my mother. And somehow she got a cold and then passed it onto me. So I lay in bed reading a novel and got up every few hours to straighten my spine. Snowball and Joey were particularly pleased that I was available for snuggles. What a grand way to start 2010. But at least it will be over and done with, it seems to be a quick cold.

So the New York Times finally got around to publishing a detailed story on the role three scumbag Americans played in stirring up anti-gay hatred in Uganda. My buddy Jim has been covering this story for 10 months, from before these creeps flew over there and encouraged the Ugandan politicians that they needed to do something drastic to the homos. And the Ugandans complied, announcing legislation that would among other things, involve the execution of gays and lesbians and the jailing of anybody who didn't turn them in. The law has not been signed yet, but already gays and lesbians (and people marked as such) have been hounded and abused.

How do Scott Lively, Caleb Brundidge, and Don Schmierer go to sleep at night, knowing that their actions could result in the execution of people who are just living their lives?

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