Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Post 2000. If someone had told me on 31 July 2003 that I would still be writing about my life, my thoughts, lemon meringue pies, my cats, my troubles and travels, my archaeology digs, and all of my other adventures way off in 2010, I would have laughed. And yet here I am, 2000 entries in 2,356 days or so (I may be a day or two off).

I really am becoming an old-timer. Once again I visited the Way Back Machine website and counted how many of the blogs on my blogroll from June 2004 were still around- six. Just call me great-grandpa.

Some people say blogs will wither away with Facebook and Twitter and the future apps (whatever they are). But you can't really tell stories with pictures on those media, and they seem so transient- the information just disappears and is lost. So I will keep doing things my old way, using the same exact template that I started with (sorry Brian!) and see what happens.

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