Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yesterday this cute little vermillion flycatcher perched on the fence next to my office window and distracted me for a few minutes. I made Ralph look at him.

Vermillion! Not Verbillion or Verthousand.

To celebrate homo marriage trial day, Forrest came over and we did really gay stuff like play Mexican dominoes.


I won, twice, and then he won once, after I fortified him with Homer-made lukewarm hot chocolate. He was skeptical that it would be any good because it wasn't Swiss Miss brand. Mummy refused to play dominoes with us. She doesn't play games, she told Forrest several times.

In two weeks Forrest is moving to North Carolina because the suckass Republicans in this state apparently think "reedin n ritign" happen like magic and schools don't need or deserve proper funding. But lordy, we must never, ever cut funding for prisons (except they just cut funding for juvenile prisons, perhaps because they require some schooling). We pay slightly more than two percent in state taxes here and apparently that is too much because we just got a letter telling us of yet another tax cut. As the state prepares to lay off another round of employees. The latest gimmick the Republicans thought up- selling off state buildings, including the prisons, and leasing them back. Just fuck them with a pointy stick.

So Forrest had to leave the state to get a job. I told my mother that I was never going to vote for a Republican, under any circumstances, ever again. Ever again.

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