Saturday, February 27, 2010

Worst Mexican food ever. So last night I went to meet up with some guys at a chain Mexican restaurant, Macayos. Now normally I do not eat at chain restaurants- I prefer to spend my money at local places. But that didn't happen last night and anyways, it was certainly an experience.

About 36 percent of Tucson's population is Mexican-American. None of the customers, as far as I could tell, were Mexican-American. That is a bad sign at a Mexican restaurant. We stood around for a while and finally were seated in a room with really bizarre "Mexican" decorations. I guess everyone south of the border has enormous ceramic suns scattered around their house, with clown dolls hanging from the ceiling and multi-colored pots sitting around.

Chips and salsa came. The salsa appeared to be tomato juice with some chunks of tomato thrown in. Very bland and obviously formerly frozen. Gross. I noticed the Elderly-American people sitting around us enjoyed the spiceless salsa. One couple had even brought their Senor Bob and Cha Cha margarita glasses along, getting a discount on their drinks!

Food came- chili relleno and a cheese enchilada. Looked like Velveeta made an appearance, I really couldn't tell. I ate it, but yuck.

Luckily the company was fun and that made up for the food. But next time the guys get together for a meal, we are going for real Mexican food.

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