Friday, February 12, 2010

"You don't like change," I tell my mother as we drive to Mexican Safeway. She protests, "I do like change!" I reply, "Name a change you like." She pauses for a moment...."I like the change in weather from Michigan to Arizona." We both laugh. "That doesn't count," I say.

I had made cooked refried beans with some spicy curry sauce for supper and I knew she wouldn't care for it. Two tiny spoonfuls was all she would eat. Anything spicy is "different." She doesn't even like black pepper on her potatoes. I'm starting to run out of ideas for things to cook her, because of the gluten-free business and also the fussiness about things. She could probably live on mashed potatoes and yoghurt. But I really don't want to see her get malnutrition, a problem that plagued my nice grandmother late in her life because she would only eat one kind of microwave dinner.

In other news.... been real rainy here, should have lots of wildflowers this year. Missing Henny-Penny and Forrest. Have to do some painting in the guest house this weekend. Work is slowing down. Two talks to give next week.

And one of the coyotes has taken to watching me watch it.

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