Sunday, March 14, 2010

After lunch at Rosa's, where a pair of hot daddies distracted me, I took Mummy to Sweetwater Wetlands for a walk. I have been encouraging her to walk more, and that has worked. Today's walk was slightly over .6 miles.

I can never get her to look at the camera.

We saw American Coot, American widgeons, mallards, northern shovelers, killdeer, swallows, a tiny yellow finch, and turtles.

Mistake picture.

At one spot the turtles were so close, I wanted to grab them and put them in my bathtub.

Turtles. (click to see mega version!)

This was more exciting than what I did in the morning- mop floors. But it had been months since I had done so. The kitchen floor looks totally different. I need a maid. And a butler. And a valet. And a turtle-keeper.

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