Friday, March 12, 2010

Oh it is Friday already? It feels like I am a zombie lately. Taking care of my mother- cooking, cleaning, taking her to the store and library, encouraging her to walk more- has consumed many hours of my life. I observe things she does and vow I will never do that (of course I remember her complaining about her mother the same exact way!).

I've been working on someone's family tree. Southern US families are so much harder. Finding people because of the weird ways names, especially first names, are spelled. But I am making progress, so far I am not related to them.

Jimbo is coming to visit after a two year hiatus. I am super excited. We are going to watch hummingbirds get banded. He gets to meet my mother, who I hope will be on her best behavior. I will explain to her that she isn't allowed to tell embarrassing stories, like the time....

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