Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is here and the wet winter means the wildflowers are blooming like crazy. Mummy wanted to go see some so we drove over Gates Pass and past the Desert Museum to Saguaro Park West. After a stop at the Visitor Center, which has an excellent book and gift shop, we drove west to the nearby paved nature trail, which is something Mummy can easily walk around on.

Yellow flowers.

Unfortunately, none of my flower pictures turned out and most of the pretty ones we saw were on the sides of the road.


We slowly wandered along the trail, pausing to look at the tiny flowers and the many saguaro cacti.

Tiny lizard.

Mummy especially lizards and I was glad to spot two different varieties, which were nice enough to hold still for pictures.


The saguaros are filled with water, their trunks and arms swollen. They look very happy.

Zebra striped lizard.

The weather was gorgeous, but I had problems taking photos. The light always seemed to suck.

I had to lean down to get this picture.

After I came home I made Kyle chocolate pudding for his birthday. Mummy is amazed that I made pudding from scratch- but it is so easy to do and so much better tasting.

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