Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a day. In Washington, D.C., Dan Choi got arrested while protesting Don't Ask, Don't Tell. He is awesome. Joe Solomonese, President of the Human Rights Campaign, was too busy hanging out with Kathy Griffin to get himself arrested. When you make over $300,000, there are important parties and functions to attend to. And the handcuffs probably didn't match his tie.

A coyote caught one of the squirrels that played outside my office window.

While that was going on, retired General John Sheehan was testifying that the reason 8,000 Muslims were murdered by Serbs back in 1997 was because the Dutch Army had allowed gays to join.

I tapped the window and it looked up.

I left a comment on Joe.My.God's blog: "We also killed Jesus, dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and the iceberg the Titanic hit was totally gay."

After lunch, the coyote had to have a scratch.

Someone then pointed out that the plane that dropped the first atomic bomb was named Enola Gay.

That iceberg was totally gay.

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