Friday, April 09, 2010

At the Sweetwater Wetlands we went the back way to avoid schoolchildren. We quickly spotted a number of large hawks, which are typical for the area near the sewer plant. I could hear red-winged blackbirds calling and then we spotted them in the cattails.

Red-winged blackbird.

And a close up:


We saw a male hummingbird flying in a swoopy U, trying to impress a female. The American Coots were fighting to show the females who was more drakely.

Jimbo photographing.

I spotted a huge white egret in a tree and while we were standing there, a second one flew in to join it.

Egrets, click on picture for closer image.

Not as many ducks as last time, they have largely flown north.

A flowering mesquite tree.

I'm having a lazy afternoon while Jim is off hiking around Saguaro Park West.

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