Sunday, May 16, 2010

Two meals and a graduation.

On Friday night I journeyed across town to Ahmet and Mark's house. Ahmet was preparing me a traditional Turkish meal.


Unfortunately, he didn't know I was a vegetarian.


I still enjoyed myself a great deal.

On Saturday I journeyed to the University of Arizona campus to attend the Law School graduation. Mark was receiving his PhD. The graduation was somewhat controversial because the students had voted for student speaker, and picked a fellow student who had been named to the Arizona State Legislature. This young Republican asswipe then voted for the nasty (and almost certainly unconstitutional) "illegal" immigrant law. So when said asswipe got up to give his speech, about 15 of his fellow students and one of the faculty members walked out of the auditorium, as did about 40 to 50 of the guests. Including me.

Later on, Raul Castro, the 93-year-old former governor of Arizona, a Mexican immigrant to the state, spoke. He directed many of his comments toward the asswipe, who was so fucking stupid that he clapped when Governor Castro was basically telling him he was an asswipe. It was an awesome speech.

Dr. Mark and Zane.

We then went to Feast and feasted.

Dr. Mark's lovely sister Deeanne.

I had a piece of delicious pie for dessert.

And the lovely Wenona.

Afterward, we tired to the Mark/Sandy/Zane estate (although Sandy has not returned to Australia) and argued about cultural patrimony.

Today I discovered an Africanized bee colony had taken up residence inside the roof of the guesthouse. I had to use spray foam to seal the cracks. I then went clothes shopping and bought two pairs of 501 jeans, one in beige and one in brown. I will be stylish in Portland tomorrow.

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