Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I traded emails on facebook with Judith M., an avid supporter of the National Organization for Marriage. Here are some of the statements she made to me:

- "I didn't say homosexuals, as individuals have done nothing for the world. I said their RELATIONSHIPS provide nothing positive to the world. In fact, all signs are that they are a burden based on their higher morbidity rates and shorter life expectancies."

- "Marriage is a special right and it has been defined as a union between one man and one woman for millenia."

- "In fact, I would counsel them to stay away from the homosexual lifestyle. It is possible to live celibately and have same sex attraction. I've personally known two guys who first lived a decadent homosexual lifestyle and then became celibate. Both of them told me their health and mental state improved dramatically after they became celibate."

- "I don't give a rip what you do in your bedroom. But marriage is not a private matter, it's a public one."

- "But tell me, if you can, what good has come from homosexual unions to date? Did it make homosexuals...monogamous? Did they "settle down" and stop showing participating in public displays of lewdness, a la Folsom Street? Please name one thing that accrues to SOCIETY, that comes from homosexuals getting "married"."

- "It's actually a burden on society to make companies give same sex couples health benefits as if they were married, because homosexuals tend to be an unhealthy bunch of people and the cost of companies covering them causes their rates to go up."

My final response: "You really are a nasty person. I really feel sorry for you."

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