Monday, June 21, 2010

Whatever I did to my right thigh decides to hurt with a preposterous amount of pain, mainly when I sit on the couch. So don't sit on the couch! Apparently I tore a muscle somehow.

I went to Bisbee for Gay Pride on Saturday and my pictures did not turn out particularly well. So you will have to imagine me watching Cobban and Ray sing karoake, a delicious meal, seeing Chris and Joseph for too little of time, and the guy with the best moustache in Arizona for not long enough.

On the way back I stopped at the Fairbank ghost town and wandered over to the dried-up San Pedro River. I've never seen it completely dried up. I hope it comes back, but the growing population in the area is probably sucking away the water.

Under the trees.

I wandered back to the school house and chatted with the woman volunteering there. Her dog Butch was almost as excited to see me. I bought two books to give the volunteer something to do.

I came home and watched a wretched zombie movie and the leg only hurt a couple of times. I had a quiet evening and read a while. Tonight I worked on a newsletter article, finally figured out that the guy was illegitimate, and altogether it was also a quiet evening. I need to study up on German Chocolate cake for Christopher's 30th birthday on Saturday. And the month of June is whizzing by like lightning speed.

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