Friday, August 20, 2010

235 years ago today an Irish man in the Spanish military, Hugo O'Conor, selected the location of a new Presidio fortress on the terrace overlooking the floodplain of the Santa Cruz River. Nearby was the small O'odham village called Shuk-shon, which the Spaniards had written down as Tucson. Native Americans had lived on or adjacent to the Santa Cruz River for at least 4,000 years.

I attended the official 235th birthday celebration this morning. Lots of politicians and people dressed up in Spanish or Territorial fashions.

Three cakes, the piece I had was so-so.

I took pictures for the historical newsletter I edit, attempting to take ones that looked "real."

Presidio soldiers. I really like this photo.

The Confederate Army occupied Tucson for a few months in the Spring of 1862. The California Volunteers marched from California to retake the area, and the only Civil War battle fought in Arizona took place to the north at Picacho Peak. Jimbo's name-twin died at the battle because he wasn't smart enough to get off his horse.

Confederate soldier.

My problem with re-enactors- their clothing is too clean and unpatched. Back in the day, before they had detergent, clothes got stained and stay stained. In addition, the majority of the 100 soldiers who staffed the fort only had one uniform. They would have been threadbare and mended. Convincing modern folks that they should wear dirty and patched clothes is pretty difficult, I have learned.

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