Saturday, August 21, 2010

I attended the premier of a controversial documentary in which I did Vanna-like hand gestures and appeared in about 5 or 6 scenes. Jim and Chris were my escorts, I was saddened to see there was no red carpet and only a few people filming and photographing the event.

Jim and Chris.

The event took place at the Fox Theatre, which opened in 1930. It has been beautifully restored and is a tremendous asset to the downtown. Your tax payer dollars wasted, according to some folks.

Chandelier and ceiling.

The documentary, Finding Tucson's Origins, is a 27-minute-long movie showing the cultural and natural history of Tucson. It was made for the community's heritage park. However, a reporter from the local news-rag wrote some articles about what a waste of money the park was, the state legislature diverted the money for the park to build a hotel, and then the reporter wrote an article about what a waste of money it was to make a movie for a non-existent park. I cancelled my subscription to the news-rag as a result. In addition, the $800,000 price tag upset folks, and some local film makers had tantrums because the contract was given to an out-of-state film production company. One that happens to specialize in this sort of film. I have no clue if they paid too much. They got a great film anyways.

Look, that's my hand, something like 15 or 20 ft tall.

People clapped at the end. Twice. How long has it been since people clapped at the end of a movie? This suggests to me that the film was well-received.

Afterward we went to BKs for supper and the jalapenos made me hiccup.

Two veggie tacos.

It is raining off and on right now, that will everything greener outside.

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