Thursday, August 26, 2010

The juvenile Cooper's hawk (not a Harris hawk as I originally thought) bent down to see me, I was grabbing my camera to get a photo. It is one of two hawks flying around at work, probably hunting the baby rabbits and ground squirrels.

I look delicious (click to see a larger version).

It immediately lost interest and turned around to look at more interesting things.

It has rained a lot and everything is green. And moist.

I went to my eye doctor to get my eyes examined (slightly more astygmatic in my right eye). New frames too, so I can have a pair of field glasses and one for indoors. The price tag made me gasp.

Lisa tasted the apple-onion-sage (with celery and red pepper) chutney and declared that it was delicious. Now I have to label the jars and think about what to make next.

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