Monday, September 27, 2010

I was feeling a rant coming on, for various assorted reasons, but then I came across Bunny hiding under a bush and I felt better. I hadn't seen Bunny in a long time, so I was really pleased she was still around. She was pleased when I took her a handful of lettuce and carrots.

At work the hawk came and sat on the fence near my window and looked at me when I waved my hand. I alerted my co-worker, who sits mere feet away from me but through a wall, and she got to see it as well.

Nice yellow legs!

I came home and opened the mail and the water bill said: $310.41. Last month it was $181. This is three times the normal usage of water, and it included an entire week when I wasn't here and it rained so hard that no watering was needed. I went out to check the water meter and there was the neighbor across the street looking at his water meter. He also had an enormous water bill. Obviously something is wrong.

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