Saturday, October 09, 2010

Alex came down from Phoenix along with Pancake and Buddy and we went to Tucson Pride. According to the little booklet, it is the 33rd year.


I will admit to not being in the best spirits. I had heard tell that having shingles was painful, but didn't know just how painful until I lay in bed last night and it felt like someone was stabbing me over and over again in the chest. The vicodin numbed the pain, but made me sooooo nauseous. I just took another half pill and I can already feel the spaciness coming on. So yeah, WHINE!

Anyhow, we got to Pride fairly early because I wanted to see Tom Goss perform. I missed him last time he was in Tucson, but he is a Facebook friend and I have been following him. He and his boyfriend Michael got married a week ago in Washington, D.C.

So Alex and I, and the dogs, plopped down on the lawn and listened to a drag queen have a little fit because something wasn't right on stage. Another impersonator walked by and I asked to take a picture.

She was very gracious and graceful.

We admired a very cute guy and then he got up on stage to sing and it turned out to be Tom.

Tom Goss.

I liked his music. Afterward, we went to meet him and his husband and I purchased a CD.

Homer and Tom.

At home I lay on the couch and feel asleep, and after Alex went to meet his friends back at Pride, I went to sleep again. I finally got up and went to the store to buy some ingredients for tomorrow's canning project.

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