Sunday, October 10, 2010

Strawberry jam. First, buy the very inexpensive strawberries at Safeway. I sliced the tops off and then mostly just sliced them in half because I like chunky jam.


I used four packages of strawberries which comes out to about 10 cups sliced strawberries. I dumped them in a big pot and added (gulp!) 14 cups sugar.

Strawberries and sugar.

I used the CERTO package recipe and honestly, I think next time I will reduce the amount of sugar, it is rather sweet. I then cooked and stirred until it boiled. I added a tablespoon of butter to reduce the amount of foaming.

Strawberries, sugar, butter, and liquid pectin.

I poured the jam into four big and three little jars (I could have used all big jars, since I have a bowl left over). After processing them in a boiling water bath, I sat and listened to the lids make that distinctive popping sound, indicating they were properly sealed.

Chunky strawberry jam.

Jenny asked about canning equipment. I purchased the large kettle and home canning kit on Amazon (the kettle is on sale!). Canning jars and lids can be found at Ace Hardware or at Fry's grocery store (the price is about the same). I have found that I need to ask for my canning jars back from people, otherwise they end up in the recycling.

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