Thursday, October 14, 2010

You know I was a big supporter of Obama when he was running for president. Not so much anymore, although I am soooo glad John McCain is not our president. The constant foot dragging over DADT and DOMA and the obvious instructions to the Justice Department to continue appealing these discriminatory laws has dulled my enthusiasm toward Obama. Really, how hard can it be to tell someone in the Justice department to stop?

It sucks being a second class citizen just because religious nuts and politicians need someone to hate so bad. It used to be the Communists, but after they went away in 1989, faggots and dykes and trannies got the spotlight turned on us and holy motherfucking zombie Jesus, it has certainly made Maggie Gallagher, Tony Perkins, and other peoples very fucking rich. It must be alarming to these cretins that the cash cow is going to stop once the young folks grow up or the country goes utterly bankrupt (or both).

Anyways, I expect the nastiness and violence with grow as we grow closer to obtaining equal civil rights. You can see it in the words of that loathsome "person" Maggie Gallagher, who is getting more shrill and threatening as time passes.

Someday, she will be a footnote in someone's PhD dissertation. I hope I live long enough to crap on her tombstone. Isn't that a nasty thing to think? But truly, she and her ilk are evil and don't deserve any respect.

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