Saturday, December 04, 2010

I find it a waste of time to hate people. But the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer is pretty hateful. To save $4.5 million, she and her Republican DEATH PANEL cronies have decided that if you are a poor person and need certain organ transplants, that you have to pay for them yourself. Basically that fucking bitch is sentencing people, including young men and women, to death.

She's also Pro-Life, by the way. And she was very pleased to recently sign a law legalizing sparklers.

Practically the first thing that dried up, bleached, slipping-denture-wearing hag did when she inherited her office was to take away healthcare for the partners and children of lesbian and gay state employees, to save a few million dollars.

She has a criminally insane son (locked up because he is so violent), so of course she makes sure state funding for his care is maintained. And because her friends work for the private prison industry, the state is planning on privatizing more prisons, despite the lax security on the existing private prisons that allowed three prisoners to get out (two of whom subsequently killed an elderly couple in New Mexico).

This is what the rest of the United States has to look forward too if Fox News and the Republican Party have their way. I can hardly wait to see what happens when President Palin gets elected.

Fuck, I am so drama tonight.

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