Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Things accomplished:

1). Took Mummy and myself to Swade Barbershop and we got our hairs cut. See Exhibit A.

Exhibit A.

2). Canned seven pint jars of carmelized onions and seven pint jars of lemon curd. This year for the company cookie exchange, I am taking these and watermelon rind pickles instead of cookies. Outlandish, I know.

3). Purchased a couple of Holiday gifts. Mummy handed me a list of books she wanted, so that was easy.

4). Went to Michael's craft store and bought a bunch of art kits and puzzles. For the last six or seven years I have taken a large bag of these over to my neighborhood elementary school, which serves mostly poor children. Maybe I am sentimental, but I want all of those little kids to get a Holiday present. The office people were so excited when I came in and the principal came out, since she had always wanted to see who the mysterious man was who did this.

5). Spent time during the weekend helping out on an excavation. Tomorrow I'll be uncovering the secret staircase. On Friday, Evan and I will be volunteering on a dig my company is doing up in Phoenix. Pictures will ensue.

6). Have been dragging Mummy around, making her walk more. She needs more exercise. I have been entertaining her the best I can, going to the library, stores, and making her meals.

7). Last night got to see Sandy, who has arrived back in Tucson for two months. YEAH!

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