Friday, December 24, 2010

It has become one of my favorite, albeit smelly, places to visit- the Sweetwater Wetlands. I took Mummy out there this morning to get some exercise. One around the large pond is .6 miles (if I have read the sign correctly).


I am having to explain birdwatching etiquette to Mummy, she doesn't keep quiet when we come upon a group staring at some bird with their binoculars.

Mystery duck.

This was the second time I saw the mystery duck. Jimbo will have to identify it for me.

I heard a rustling noise and turned and there was a large Cotton rat sitting in the reeds. I think its tail is injured, the poor thing. "Is it dead?" asked my mother.

Cotton rat.

"No, it is moving." I replied. We also saw many footprints, which I think are from a skunk.

And after lunch I am sleepy and considering a nap. Have to rest up for the rest of the weekend!

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