Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The optometrist removed a piece of rock from my left eye today. It had been in there for 16 days. So painful. My regular doctor had looked at it and thought I had a broken blood vessel (there are several blood vessels visible at the moment). But it wouldn't go away and my friend Ahmed from Oman insisted I go to the eye doctor, which I finally did this morning. He numbed the eye and coaxed me into keeping it open while he removed the particle using a long cotton swab. The relief was almost instantaneous.

The rock was lodged right between my iris and cornea. I could see something there, but didn't realize what it was. I have spent a lot of time staring at my iris the last two weeks. This got me thinking about eye colors. From my genealogical research, I have been able to identify the eye colors of the following direct ancestors:

Homer: hazel


Lee: blue
Carolyn: hazel

Maternal Grandparents:

Harold: blue
Anna: hazel

Great grandparents:

Sheldon: blue
Ernest: brown
Colonel: blue

Great great grandparents:

Isaiah: gray
Philip: blue
Elijah: blue

Great great great grandparents:

Ebenezer: blue
Hiram: black

Homer and Carolyn.

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