Monday, January 31, 2011

I have been walking the Catholic cemetery, looking for all of the gravestones older than 1909.


The current cemetery opened in 1907, replacing an earlier cemetery that finally closed in 1909. Sometime this year I will be running an archaeology project beneath a street in the old cemetery. I am collecting as much information on the people buried there as I can find.

Sleeping lamb.

Some of the bodies and tombstones from the old cemetery were moved to the new one.

Praying angel.

But most were not, and the graves now lie beneath vacant lots, streets, and homes.


I found about 50 or so early stones, some carved by an artist with a distinctive style. I wonder who that person was.


I have been uploading photographs and brief biographical information to the Find-A-Grave website.

Many of the more recent graves have bronze markers, many of which once had small urns for flowers, most of which have been stolen by people who sell them to scrap dealers. Now if I was a scrap dealer and a meth addict showed up with a bunch of small urns, wouldn't I be suspicious?

I still have one more section to walk, wonder what I will see there.

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