Tuesday, January 04, 2011

This is our new, sexy Attorney General for the State of Arizona. Tom Horne. Lol, his name is almost spelled like Horny!

Nice comb-over dude, you fooled everyone!

Tom used to be our Superintendent of Public Education (insert lauh-track chuckle here). In the last four years or so, Arizona has dropped to about 48th or 49th place in terms of public funding of education. Even during the booming development years, Horny and his Republican allies made sure education was under-funded.

And Tom hates Mexicans. I mean, he REALLY HATES THEM. He sent people out to videotape children walking across the border to attend schools in the U.S. of Arizona. He announced that Mexicans were illegally attending Arizona skools. Of course, no one bothered to check the citizenship papers of those tykes, many of whom were probably legal residents.

Now he will be taking his vendetta against the Tucson Unified School District to new levels. He is threatening to sue the district to stop it from having Mexican Studies classes, since Tom wrote a law banning ethnic studies classes. No Native American studies or languages, no African-American studies either. But Western Civilization is alright, because white people stuff is alright.

I'm pretty sure he hates the homosexuals too, but right now the best way to get your ass into a highly paid public office is to hate Mexicans the most.

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