Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A bobcat walked past my office window. After trying to get Boltgirl's attention (she was getting water, unfortunately), I grabbed my camera and went outside and around the side of the building. It stared at me, and I didn't get the greatest picture before it jumped the fence, about 20 feet away. There is something wrong with one of its hind feet, but it appears to be pretty healthy.

Bobcat don't give a damn!

I had a letter in Sunday's newspaper, basically stating that the Arizona Republicans were wasting time on abortion and firearm laws, instead of focusing on job creation.

And today I had an anonymous letter sent to my home:

Listen up rum dumb.... The only thing more annoying than government is a belly acher such as you. I'll bet you have a college education. That would explain your stupidity. Government does not create jobs. It never has. You cannot be serious if you expect government to do that which it clearly is incapable of doing. Hasn't your boy Barack given you clear evidence of that?

Oh. My. Anti-education and racist. And a coward who didn't sign his name. And just plain wrong. How does government create jobs? How about by encouraging education? And by avoiding hostile actions like targeting Mexicans and gay folks. There are reasons why big, high-paying companies are located in California, Oregon, Washington, and New England. Meanwhile, Tucson goes into feverish excitement when yet another low-paying, no benefit call center moves here.

Wonder what wildlife I will see tomorrow?

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