Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cooper's Hawk is badass! I looked out my office window and saw the young Cooper's Hawk perched on the fence, acting strange. As I shifted the blind to take a picture, it dropped something and flew away. I saw that it had caught the cute little ground squirrel that liked to scamper around in front of the window.

I went outside to see the hawk close-up, and realized that Ground Squirrel was still alive, albeit quite dazed. It tried to escape, but I caught him and picked him up.

Ground Squirrel.

I took him inside to show Sarah, and then noticed a bunch of fleas crawling on him. That's disgusting!

Ground Squirrel is cute!

I found a burrow and put Ground Squirrel in, covering the hole with a bottom portion of a ceramic flower pot so he would be safe. I like to watch him run around, sometimes I can hear him squeaking.

After I went inside, Cooper's Hawk came back, looking for dinner. It was very frustrated and ran around on the ground and along the fence.

Cooper's Hawk.

Eventually it gave up and decided to play with some sticks. It would throw them around. After that was done, it perched on the fence and stared angrily at me through the window.


I was glad Cooper's Hawk didn't go around to the front of the office because cute Cottontail Rabbit was hopping around eating stuff.

Cute Cottontail!

In unrelated news, look at the pretty flowers Evan gave me!

Best Boyfriend Ever.

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