Sunday, February 06, 2011

On the trip to and from Flagstaff, I listed to Pebble in the Sky by Isaac Asimov on CD. I have the last CD to listen to, so don't tell me how it would end!

I arrived to help Evan celebrate his birthday. He liked his presents!

We went to the Himalayan Grill for supper.

The next morning Evan made me a yummy breakfast. We then headed out to look at some archaeology sites. The first place we went to was a natural tank, holding water. This was important up in the Flagstaff area, where there aren't many sources of water.

On the walls around the water, there were a number of petroglyphs, carved on the walls of the canyon.


Did you know I wrote a book, Rock Art of Arizona?

The water was frozen. I wondered if there were fishes hidden beneath the ice.


It was a lovely day, and I had a great time hiking around the wilderness.

Happy guys.

We then traveled to an area near Wupatki National Monument. Driving along a rutted dirt road, you could see clumps of rocks poking up above the grass. While some of these were rocky outcrops, others were the fallen down walls of rooms.

Evan walks up to the ruin.

All over the place lay pottery sherds- black on white, black on red, plainwares, and corrugated. I picked them up to look at them, and then carefully returned them to the same spot. It is illegal to remove artifacts from sites, and besides, I don't want that stuff cluttering up my house! The pottery was made at a number of different places and traded in. People carried the water off to distant water sources to bring the water back to their homes.

Pretty sherds.

That night Evan made me supper and we played cards before I fell asleep, drugged up on anti-histamines. This morning we went and had French toast and hash browns. So yummy!

And now I am back home and Joey is sitting on my lap. Once again, it was an awesome weekend.

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