Thursday, February 03, 2011

I awoke to find most of the water frozen in the house. One of those very rare times when the temperature drops below 20 degrees in Tucson. I waited around until my bathroom sink had unfrozen, and then off to work, traveling north to the ranch site to find that no one was working yet, since everyone was busy dealing with frozen or burst pipes.

I stopped by Swade Barbershop and Paul trimmed my hair. He told me a disturbing story.

Post haircut. I told him to leave the goatee alone.

At work the office was warming up. In the afternoon a bird was calling from atop a pole. I thought it might be an owl, since it sounded different. I used the telephoto aspect of my camera and quickly saw it was the Cooper's Hawk that lives near the office.

Jumping off to fly.

The hawk jumped just as I took its picture.

A closer look.

At work I am identifying animal bones from home sites in Phoenix dating to the 1920s-1940s. Identifying historic period butchered bone can be really difficult and tedious. Especially when the person threw them into a fire afterward. There are a large number of pieces that cannot be identified to animal species or meat cut.

After I got home the last water unfroze (hot water, kitchen sink). There is a small leak outside where a pipe cracked, but so small I will wait until next week to get it fixed. I draped big Holiday lights over the offending pipes and then put a garbage can in front and put a blanket over everything so the pipes don't freeze again. Still, I have three sinks running at this very moment.

Unfortunately, my lovely cactus froze and fell down.

Tomorrow- a trip north to help Evan celebrate his birthday!

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