Wednesday, February 02, 2011

It's cold in Tucson and my house is probably in the low 60s. Mummy is not happy about that, but I've got the space heaters going and cooked something in the oven to heat the kitchen and living room up. She is now sitting in front of the Telly watching Keeping Up Appearances. Occasionally I hear her laughing.

Meet Senator Sylvia Allen. In 2009 she stated at a hearing, twice, that the earth was 6,000-years-old and that it was alright to mine uranium next to the Grand Canyon.

Sylvia Allen.

In today's paper she basically says that all scientists exploring climate change are either liars or use flawed data. She has sponsored a bill that removes all Federal jurisdiction over air pollution, because that is a state's rights issue. I doubt that she understands the basic notion that the wind can move air pollution, say from Los Angeles, to Arizona. She blathers on about "freedom to breathe" and says that pollution is harmless.

I went through the long list of bills she has sponsored or co-sponsored. About 10 are pro-gun, eight are for making it harder to have an abortion, and another nine basically set up the state for lawsuits with the federal government. As far as I can tell, none promote education, or focus on job creation for the state of Arizona.

It doesn't surprise me that Allen isn't interested in education or job creation. Republicans, at least the majority of elected ones in this state, are against education and are mostly concerned in making sure the rich pay fewer taxes while the poor pay more. It is very discouraging to have people like this woman making laws.

Joey isn't impressed either.

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