Friday, March 04, 2011

Post 2,222. Mummy and I have been feeding the birds at the front porch and this small hawk showed up looking for a supper. It sits on the fences that surround my front yard and stares at the feeder. When I was taking pictures of it, it chirped lightly, perhaps telling me to go away.

I think it is a Cooper's Hawk.

Our beloved State Legislators, led by Herr Pearce, are cranking out bills that are guaranteed to bring thousands of jobs to our esteemed dictatorship:

- a bill that makes the Colt Revolver the official gun for the state.
- the official Tea Party license plate.
- only straight married couples get first dibs on adoptable children. Those kids with problems (mental or physical handicaps, older, minority) will probably end up with single parents or same sex couples.
- all government offices must allow guns in unless they have a security guard and a metal detector.
- Herr Pearce has created a blacklist of Mexican-Americans who are not allowed inside the Capitol building.
- it is very likely that these astute legislators are going to pass a bill allowing guns to be brought into schools and colleges.

And so on.

Oh, they also gave a 500 million dollar tax break to rich business owners. And are using that as an excuse to cut medical care for 280,000 people. Since most other states are busy passing similar laws, I doubt that companies will be flocking to the state with such rabid racists and extremely poor educational funding. But hey, only greedy people want more than minimum wage, right?

What is remarkable are the number of other Republican-run states busy following in Arizona's footsteps. Welcome to the third-world America!

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