Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tap-tap-tap-tap. A Gila woodpecker decided that the telephone pole next to the office contained something worth eating.

High up.

I stood below and took a picture so I could figure out what kind it was. I have one of these drilling holes in my tree in my front yard.

Gila woodpecker.

I made Mummy cole slaw (pre-shredded!) from scratch and she really liked it. She had picked out sweet potato fries last night at the store, but when I looked at the ingredients tonight I discovered they had wheat in the coating and so she can't have them. We had crinkle cut fries instead.

I am working my way through one of my genealogy projects. I need to make a list of projects to finish. This will probably entail a visit to Pittsburgh to look at some church records, Buffalo to look at a tombstone, and Salt Lake City to look at a bunch of microfilm. I can probably afford to do a Pittsburgh/Buffalo trip this year or one to Salt Lake, although not so pleased about going to Mormonville.

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