Thursday, April 28, 2011

Donald Trump wants to see Obama's school records. I pulled out my manila envelope in which my mother carefully placed all of my report cards, some drawings, poems, and other school-related items. It is interesting to see what other people thought of me as a child.

On 10 November 1969, my Kindergarten teacher, Marie Harrison (1905-1976), wrote the following:

Consideration of others: Shows thoughtfulness and fairness to others.
Response to rules: Very good.
Following directions: Is learning to follow directions.
Personal growth: Manages own clothing and personal needs nicely.

I am the boy on the far left.

In June 1970, Mrs. Harrison wrote: Homer is a mature, well adjusted little boy. He is a pleasure to have around.... It would strengthen Homer's arms and legs to take part in a short period of strenuous exercise each day...He has very good work habits...


I was a physically weak child, even though I was older than most of the kids in my class (I was born in September and started school when I was almost six). The things I remember about kindergarten- taking cupcakes with little plastic animals on them for my birthday, making a spool holder for Mama for Christmas, praying before we could have our milk, playing on the teeter-totter, collecting snow and watching it melt to see pollution, planting beans and watching them sprout, and giving a speech at the school pageant about Holland.

Things were a lot simpler then.

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