Sunday, April 24, 2011

The dragons in Flagstaff come in different colors. They are not particularly dangerous.

Orange dragon.

This one liked to have his head rubbed.

"I will breathe flames!"

I do not know if these are the same species.

Grey-brown dragon.

Evan and I had climbed to the top of a tall volcanic thingy and looked at the sites on top, many of which had been damaged by nasty looters.

Scenic scene.

He helped me collect pine cones for a craft activity. Afterwards we retired to Evan's new shed and he showed me how he works glass.

Evan has a hot glass.

We put together a stained glass square for Mummy, who unfortunately fell down on Thursday back in Michigan and had to have screws and a metal plate put into her ankle on Friday morning.

A get-well present for Mummy.

Today we had breakfast and then went to look at some petroglyphs and wandered about looking for sites. Unlike the nasty folks, we left everything in place and only took photographs.

Prehistoric spiral.

A lot of the pine trees are being damaged by beetles.

I need to trim the beard.

Most of the biggest trees have already died.

Deceased pine.

Apparently global warming is also causing problems.

On the way home I stopped off along the highway and looked at the lovely blooming cacti

Yellow blooms.

Pink blooms.

I stopped off at IKEA and bought a new cutting board and two spatulas. I fail to understand why people like the butt-ugly, cheap furniture in that mega-store. And I looked at sheets and I am sorry, if you are going to sell sheets you should include a top and bottom sheet. So stupid.

The cats were glad to see me when I got home. It is too quiet here without Evan.

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