Sunday, April 17, 2011

State Senator Frank Atenori is an idiot. The Arizona legislature passed a "birther" bill last week. The bill allows the elected Secretary of State to determine who is or isn't eligible for the presidential ballot. Atenori wrote an amendment that states that baptismal or circumcision certificates be included among the documents that could be submitted to the Secretary of State to prove citizenship.

Circumcision Certificate... Males are born with foreskins attached to the end of their penis. For various reasons, many parents mutilate their sons by having the foreskin sliced off. However, males can be circumcised at any point during their life. I know at least two men who had this done as an adult.

Can you imagine a politician submitting a Circumcision Certificate as proof of citizenship. First of all, I have done genealogical research for 34 years and have never heard of this type of document. Secondly, it isn't an official government record, stored in some secure place. It could easily be forged. Thirdly, how does a Circumcision Certificate indicate someone's citizenship? A baby could be born in Douchebagistan and be flown the next day to the US and be circumcised.

Who decides whether the certificate is real? Can you imagine the conspiracy theories that would start if a politician actually submitted one? Does the Secretary of State then have to examine the politician's penis to verify that it is circumcised? What if the Secretary of State says the man is uncircumcised and the man says he is? Will there be a bi-partisan Board of Circumcision to examine each politician's cocks to decide? Will the public be allowed to view photos of the politician's penis in flaccid and erect states to make up our own minds as to whether he is in fact circumcised? And of course, what about women?

And this is just one example of what a complete idiot Frank Atenori is. And basically the Republicans in the State Legislature, who never seem to be able to think past the signing of a bill to the potential consequences.

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