Friday, April 15, 2011

Mummy leaves tomorrow. I had to weigh her luggage today and she was surprised that the bag was 16 pounds overweight. Guess who spoiled her by buying her so many knitting books?

This afternoon we went out to the Sweetwater Wetlands. Most of the birds have flown up north, we did see and hear a long of red-winged blackbirds.


A surprising number of killdeer were splashing around in the shallow water. I also saw a few Ruddy Ducks and some Cinnamon Teals.

The palo verde trees are blooming.

It is always a strange time when she goes home. I worry about whether she will get enough exercise and good meals.


Starting this fall I will have to fly back and forth with her, since Mummy is having difficulty getting out of the plane seats. But she has already said she wants to come back in November, so I am glad about that.

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