Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What have you been up to? I am busy finishing reports for work. It looks like I will continue to be gainfully employed for the time being.

At home, Mummy is getting ready to go back to Michigan on Saturday. She is much healthier now than when she got here in November- a combination of exercise and my cooking, I think. And social interaction with my friends. And she really likes Evan. Cobban told me that at the Boiled Egg Party she was decorating an egg and he saw that she had written on it "E + H" and asked her what it was and she said, 'Evan plus Homer."

Once Mummy leaves it is time to get to the gym and lose some pounds. My clothes are too tight.

At home I am busy with genealogy projects. And at Ace Hardware tonight Mummy picked out a color for her bathroom- PINK. It is what she wants, so sometime soon I will be repainting that room.

Homer and Puff.

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