Sunday, May 08, 2011

A busy weekend. Yesterday afternoon we went to the Grande Street Fair and I saw these interesting religious pictures. We listened to a guy play accordion, I don't know how they are able to remember which things to push.

Jesus and St. Francis.

Last night we tried to make strawberry jam but it didn't set right so now I have jars of strawberry sauce.

This morning we headed way over east to Reddington Pass and hiked.


There was water trickling down among the weathered rocks and in one large pond a bunch of minnows were swimming around.


Evan had never been to a place like this, complete with the occasional naked hiker.


I managed to get slightly sunburnt on my shoulders. After a nap, I made Evan a strawberry cake with fluffy strawberry frosting.

The cake.

And now we are going to the Fleet Foxes concert. This has been a very good weekend. I talked to Mummy today and she is feeling much better, although her healing bones give her a burning sensation in her foot at night. In a week or so she will be allowed to go to my sister's house to finish recuperating.

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