Sunday, July 17, 2011

Evan arrived Friday and we made Indian food for supper. It was a meal to forget. The next morning we got up and made food for the pool volleyball. We made a delicious pineapple mango chutney upside-down cake.


And a delicious zuchini tart from the latest issue of Martha Stewart Living.

Zuchini tart.

We drove over and picked up Patrick and Mark and drove up to Richard's delightful house.


It was Evan's first time playing pool volleyball. There was a big crowd of guys and I think we all had a great time.

The guys.

Patrick had the best time, he is also one of the better players.


This morning we had breakfast and then went over to the Sweetwater wetlands. I was expecting there to be few birds there. Off in the distance we saw a black-necked stilt, something I had never seen there before.

Black-necked stilt.

As we walked along, Evan saw a turtle wandering along.


I picked it up and discovered that turtles go pee as a defensive measure. I was amazed at how much urine came out.

I am not afraid!

The people before us wrote down on the sign-in sheet that they had seen a bobcat and a pair of skunks. In contrast, we saw a pair of cotton rats.

Cotton rat.

A trip to Penzys spice where I bought Mexican vanilla beans and Vietnamese cinnamon. Next weekend I'm going to make vanilla ice cream.

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