Thursday, July 14, 2011

I ran into Steve at the Santa Cruz Farmer's Market. There was a lot more variety in produce this week. Unfortunately, there were a lot more stupid people today. I suppose I was impatient because I was wearing dress shoes and my feet were hurting. This one scatter-brained woman was particularly annoying. Get. The. Fuck. Out. Of. My. Way. Pretty please with sugar on it.


Things are going well at work- two more projects for me to work on. One of them is one that I really wanted.

Steve's niece sells produce from this stand.

Evan is coming down tomorrow and we are going to make Indian food. I went to the Indian grocery store the other day and got some samosas and naan.

The guy selling these squashes was happy that I took him empty egg cartons.

Saturday is pool volleyball and we are going to make a pineapple mango chutney upsidedown cake.

This week's purchase.

- dozen eggs
- three zucchinis
- 5 small egglants
- 4 tomatoes
- 4 red peppers
- 4 red onions
- lots of string beans

Basically I'm buying all of my vegetables and eggs at the Farmer's Market now.

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