Monday, July 25, 2011

So Mummy calls me and asks me to send her some money. She lives on her Social Security check and a very small monthly pension check, and by the end of the month the money is gone. At the beginning of the month she has a couple of direct withdrawals for her Blue Cross supplemental insurance and newspaper, and she is worried that if the government defaults she won't get her Social Security check.

Here is my 79-year-old mother wondering what she will do. She tells me she probably had a couple of weeks worth of food in her cupboards. That her children will be able to find money to feed her and pay her electricity bill.

I am furious. Most of those scumbag Republicans in Congress are millionaires and don't have to worry about scrounging up enough money to pay their mother's electricity bill. It is all a fun little game to fuck the economy over and prevent that black guy from being re-elected.

I guess John McCain and John Kyl are going to get nasty phone calls tomorrow.

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