Thursday, August 18, 2011

At the dig site, Dan broke open an old sewer pipe. It was completely filled with cockroaches. I did not scream. I have never seen so many roaches in one spot, except perhaps at Murray's apartment in New York City back in 1988 (I actually saw them crawling out of his cereal box). I stuck my camera up close to the pipe and took this alarming picture:

All different sizes.

In the afternoon I went to the Farmer's Market. What is up with the Stupid Farmer's Market Shopping Behavior? People who take cuts in line because they are a "regular." People who decide to get additional things after they have paid and you are next in line. The woman who is selling produce and never shows up with small bills and always complains when you hand her a ten. I have learned to avoid these folks- just because it is organic and home grown doesn't mean you have to take forever to make your purchases.

- a dozen eggs ($3.50)
- six potatoes
- four peaches
- two summer squashes
- two thin eggplants
- a red onion
- a yellow onion
- three tomatoes (tomorrow night, tomato sandwiches!)

Tonight I am finally making watermelon rind pickles. The watermelon I bought last week tastes just like the ones we grew back in Michigan. It even has big black seeds inside. So much better than store-bought and I'm not even a huge fan of watermelon.

Didn't find anything at the dig. I had a horrible neck/back ache in the morning and was pretty miserable. Luckily, Mario bought some painkillers to me and by the afternoon I felt much better.


Thunder and lightning!!! I hope it rains a lot.

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