Monday, August 22, 2011

Worst weekend. My body ached all weekend, I think a combination of sleeping on the couch in front of the window-mounted AC unit and the physical labor involved at the dig site (mostly sitting on a bucket watching the backhoe).

Yesterday afternoon I wandered by myself around Sweetwater Wetlands and saw some varmints.

Egret and green water.

Most of the birds have fled the horrid heat and gone somewhere else, the ones that are left swim their way through the green algae covered water.

Barrel cactus.

A cactus bloomed, with bees burrowing deep into the flower for nectar.

There were many brightly colored dragonflies flitting about, but none remained still enough to pose for a picture, until at the very end.


Back to work today, hopefully my body is getting acclimated to the heat and movement, and I will not be a whiny, hot mess.

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