Friday, September 09, 2011

At the dedication of the new parking structure I admired the beautiful artwork. Who knew that a parking structure could be so lovely.


I felt sorry for the person dressed up in this owl outfit, but at least it wasn't too hot. The mayor of Tucson bumped into me at one point, knocking over my water bottle. He is probably the only good Republican I know.

Give a Hoot!

Many people came to my display table to admire the artifacts. Many more people were interested in the pastries at the next table.


Meanwhile, Dan was busy stripping the asphalt from the parking lot across the street, where we will be excavating next week.

The start of a dig.

The last two mornings Tiny has been out of her cage and she races to the fence and stands on her tiptoes with her little arms reaching up to me. I pick her up and she snuggles close to me. It is pretty amazing what a good little doggy she is. I hope someday to convince the neighbors to hand her over to me. Lord knows, they mostly ignore the sweetheart now.

Tiny kisses.

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