Saturday, September 10, 2011

This morning I went to the first or second oldest standing building in Tucson, constructed around 1847, and watched as they removed the old wooden floors. They will be replacing them with bricks set in sand prior to the space being taken over by a non-profit group. I was there to collect the items that lay on the dirt below the floor. This included wooden thread spools, marbles, cloth, bottle caps, and buttons.

Pulling up the joists.

And lots of paper items, something you hardly ever see on archaeology projects, since it tends to rot away. The items mostly date to the mid 1930s, with some dated to 1936. They include children's drawings, a Spanish lesson by Ignacio Ortiz, gum wrappers, newspaper comic and crossword cardboard printing plates, and pages from a Mickey Mouse book.

The following was my favorite, a handmade picture of Mary and Mary, Joseph, and Jesus pasted onto a piece of cardboard.

Catholic imagery.

I have been sitting here tonight carefully brushing all of the paper items, removing the dirt before it dries. The following was all matted up, but I was able to unfold it and straighten it.

Mickey Mouse gum wrapper.

I pointed out that the floor joists probably dated to the 1880s or 1890s (there were square nails, which went out of use in the 1890s, nailed into them). The joists were actual 2" by 4" and the thick transverse joists were 4" by 4" (modern 2" by 4"s are actually something like 1 1/2 by 3 1/2). So the head of the non-profit had them saved and she has a friend who makes furniture from reclaimed wood and will make tables for the office from them. I think that is appropriate.

Later I went to pool volleyball where the yellow cake with lemon cream cheese frosting was gobbled down.

Last game of the season.

There was a torrential monsoon storm on the way home and my windowshield wiper malfunctioned and I had to pull off the Interstate. Then my car told me that one of the tires was starting to go flat. And then as I talked to Evan it started to hail dramatically. It was all excited and yet tedious.

Not as tedious as this blog post by some awful Catholic woman who saw some gay dudes rubbing ELBOWS at the pool and was so horrified that she is starting to think she shouldn't take any of her seven children in public because one or more of the children might ask her about the homos.

And of course several peoples were nasty and called her a cunt and similar nasty things, and hurt her horrid heart. She posted the nastiest comment at the top of the blog. I left a comment noting that several of her putrid Catholic buddies had wished that homosexuals would die, but somehow that is alright.

Really, I feel sorry for her seven children. Can you imagine having such a yucky person as your mother?

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