Sunday, September 11, 2011

My first trip to NYC, standing on the viewing deck at the Empire State Building.


Young and innocent, filled with inner turmoil. The trip did not end well.

In the distance, the World Trade Center towers. Several times through the years I would go through one of the buildings because there was a subway stop there, the last time in 1998.

It seems strange that 10 years has gone by. Moments of that day are imprinted strongly in my memory, including taking Puff to the vet's office and weeping in front of the receptionist.

I sometimes think Osama bin Laden won. The rabid fear of people to live their everyday lives. Every time I go through airport security. The destruction of our economy to pay for wars. There are very few people who I would say that I am glad are no longer breathing- bin Laden is one of them.

1986 feels like forever ago.

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