Sunday, November 06, 2011

All Souls Procession, 2011.

We were deceased Victorian gentlemen. Our guests enjoyed samosas, cheesecake, and gingerbread cookies.

Deceased gentlemen and Puff.

Joey came and climbed onto laps. She and Puff liked the attention.

Joey and Reuben.

Brian came down from Phoenix, but all of the pictures I took had extra eyes and otehr nonsence. Jon brought along his buddy Clint.

Clint and Jon.

At the Procession, we ran into Rich.

Moi and Richard.

Most of my pictures were blurry.


Most attendees had better makeup skills than either Evan or myself.

Better makeup.

I was most impressed by this mask made from a large mammal pelvis. Vert uncomfortable, I imagine.

Pelvis face.

It is 9:50 PM and my feet hurt and I have had a few gin and tonics. Time for bed.

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